Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Canada: It's one thing to have a Facebook account, but another to use it

Ottawa based Abacus Data Inc. did a survey in how Canadians use social media. The survey focuses on a certain generation called "millennials", about their behaviour in social media and how that differs from other generations. The scope is narrow they say, and that it's all about Facebook use, but the message and the differences are clear. That's the "big deal" with Facebook in generational terms: Facebook has become an integrated and often seamless communication tool for a whole generation. And understanding the uniqueness of millennials is a critical step in developing products, services, and business strategies to capitalize on this new, and very savvy, group of potential customers.

Unfortunately it wasn't part of the scope about what subjects the millennials share information. Though the utility of social media for health communication in Canada was already subject of a survey and may be considered as well-known, eh?.


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