Montag, 10. Januar 2011

The sole economic vision is a tunnel vision!

Those of you who run a school know that it is always a balancing act between nice to have and need to have. We have to realise profit, but some measures to gain added value are cost-intensive. My boss always gets a fold in her forehead when I tell her about what I have in mind for the next class. 
But I do believe that focussing solely upon economics is a one-way-road that leads to arbitrariness and this is the opposite of being distinguished. So in the long term we could loose our unique selling points.

(Seen in Graz/Austria)


  1. Sounds like there are two souls alas! are dwelling in your breast ;-)

  2. Well, I wouldn't call it "two souls" but in a manner of speaking the balancing act has to do with the fact that I hold a master's degree in arts and humanities and that I had my reasons to enroll myself at such a faculty. For me other things are also important. Not everything should be evaluated solely upon hard economic facts, there are plenty of softer facts, facts which are hard to be expressed in economic indices. Sometimes it's not easy to run a vocational school...