Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

IFHRO Congress Milan 2010 - Personal Congress Impressions

The delegation of Germany has been rather small, comparing to the number of other countries – five had been announced, just four have attended the congress in Milan. Three amongst us had conducted presentations covering the role of the German health information management association (DVMD), the education of young professionals in the context of the concept of “unleashed vocational school” and the role of the reimbursement system (German-related DRGs) on the Clinical documentation.

As it was the first time we took part in an IFHRO congress, we were much pleasantly surprised as well as impressed by the long list of nations visiting and participating actively during these five days in Milan. However, the high number of attending Italian professionals was quiet natural. But the possibility to exchange experiences with colleagues from other European countries (and not only our German neighbours) as well as colleagues from Australia, North America, Asia, well, even from Melanesia may give more than a clue to solve some “national” problems.

The congress organization was done very well, everything went smooth – except for the weather. The Staff was friendly, very obliging and professional. We attended a lot of interesting sessions. Also the social program is worthy of being mentioned. We’re still impressed about the Historical Archive of the Ospedale Maggiore where we had attended a guided tour through 500 years of historical medical tools and manuscripts.

Tabarnak*, the congress had everything! Sounds like we were quiet happy about having come to Milan, eh*? Yes, we were and still are happy. Just one stain remains, however. Referring to the various sessions we would like to suggest that the time of the different lectures should be adjusted. It’s a pity that some specific and interesting topics were conceded a time frame of just 10 minutes whereby the subject could not be covered, whilst other lectures had the comfort of exploring their subjects in 20 to 25 minutes. However, that’s the only organizational suggestion we would like to give for future congresses: less time for general lectures and more time for specific topics which should be pooled in special sessions (e.g. “Documentation in DRG-countries”, “Comparison of educational curricula in different countries”, “Medical documentation in integrated care”).

We would like to end with a personal remark. Both of us were close to freaking out the moment we got the news that the next IFHIMA congress will be held in Montréal, Québec. And who knows, maybe there will be a chance for us as big fans of the famous “Canadians de Montréal” to see the “Habs” in the Stanley Cup Play-offs, that would top off the certainly perfect social programme to come (Marci knows what we’re thinking about). You see, we have many good reasons for looking forward to visit Montréal in 2013, and we send our best wishes to the organizational team in Canada.

Markus Stein & Ulrich Wirth

* We recently started to improve our Québecois as well as our Canadian English...

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