Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Personal Branding: How we market ourselves to others

Dan Schawbel defines personal branding as 
"the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal, and then leverage it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal. In this way, individuals can enhance their recognition as experts in their field, establish reputation and credibility, advance their careers, and build self confidence".
Or in shortform: "How we market ourselves to others".

I have tested a couple of social networking sides which aims are to enable people to open a professional as well as fancy profile easily: unfortunately providers like,,, were not me. Not that their features were boring or improper, no, their target audience is to be find in creative areas like designers and music producer and me, well, I am an education manager working in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). I am quiet creative as a photographer in my private life so I would have had enough pictures for a portfolio but hey!, it has nothing to do with my business life. Sure, Uli? Tee hee. 

Someone gave me the advise to check out with their dozens of themes and css, but I don't have a provider and to be honest I wasn't in the mood to go and grab on. So I finally found out that was the tool of my choice, at least with the right theme which I had found here

So here is the result of my first steps in personal branding called "Sustainable concepts for education" ("Nachhaltige Bildungskonzepte").

What do you think?

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